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I’m hearing very positive remarks about the new leadership, the new community wide approaches and a very new and positive Head Start program at the Council for Economic Opportunities.

Dr. Chisholm and team have clearly made a difference in how the community is experiencing the program as well as the staff representing the program. Keep up the good work because the challenges will continue. Make sure your staff are 21st century Head Start advocates who understand the direction Head Start is moving and are willing to make the internal shifts to keep up with this new model. Make sure your agency staff are full of the energy necessary to greet these challenges with vigor, and make sure your image in the community continues to grow in such a positive manner. Our future will see us tied to the local community and state initiatives almost as strongly as we are tied to the federal program, and we need to be situated appropriately.

Please know that I’m always interested in seeing our Ohio programs grow and thrive and I have always been a big supporter of the Head Start program at the Council for Economic Opportunities. I stand to work with you and your outstanding leaders whenever you might want or need support, and most of all, please know that I think you are leading the Council for Economic Opportunities and the Head Start program in the right direction.

Barbara Haxton is the Executive Director of the Ohio Head Start Association.