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It’s no fun being stuck in the house with nothing to do. The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland has created some fun and creative ways for families to learn and have fun at the same time. We present to you: the “Stuck @ Home” series.

Through the coming days, we will provide an update with new links for new activities. Let’s not let the Coronavirus keep us from enjoying life.

It’s been a few days since our last Stuck @ Home post, but today we’re back with a new activity! Time to pull out some poster board, magazines, scissors and glue for SCRAPBOOKING! This activity is fun and allows families to interact with each other as they reminisce on old memories, while simultaneously making new ones!

Click the links below for some cool scrapbooking ideas:

How to Scrapbook with ChildrenScrapbooking is a favorite pastime for moms the world over. It is a great way to create keepsakes for family and friends. Why not introduce your children to it? Children love to create and scrapbooking is the perfect conduit for this. Here are some tips to help you enjoy scrapbooking with your kids.

17 Great Scrapbook Ideas and Albums to Preserve Your Family Memories These creative ideas will help you customize the pages and covers of your new scrapbook to make photographs, recipes, letters, postcards, small tokens, and memorabilia even more personal.

Scrapbooking ideas – 2280 Best Scrapbooking ideas images in 2020 | Scrapbooking layouts, Scrapbook, Scrapbook pages

Engagement Tips: Find some great embellishments, take pictures, don’t focus on perfection and have fun!