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It’s no fun being stuck in the house with nothing to do. The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland has created some fun and creative ways for families to learn and have fun at the same time. We present to you: the “Stuck @ Home” series.

Through the coming days, we will provide an update with new links for new activities. Let’s not let the Coronavirus keep us from enjoying life.

Today we’re playing with legos! The world of Lego is unlimited; there are so many cool, fun and educational things you can do with Legos. In the link below we’ll provide some ideas for the whole family!

LEGO Kids Experience – Find all the newest lego sets, videos, characters, and games in one place! Browse around our many products, see what’s trending, watch one of our many cool videos and play our fun web games! Fun for hours!

What is Lego Ideas About? – Love getting imaginative with LEGO bricks? Fancy yourself as a LEGO master builder? Well, this is the place to be. Share your cool creations and creativity, enter prize competitions, showcase your proposals for new LEGO Ideas sets and vote for awesome models dreamt up by your fellow fan designers.

Engagement Tip: Parents, legos aren’t just for kids, you can build too!