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It’s no fun being stuck in the house with nothing to do. The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland has created some fun and creative ways for families to learn and have fun at the same time. We present to you: the “Stuck @ Home” series.

Through the coming days, we will provide an update with new links for new activities. Let’s not let the Coronavirus keep us from enjoying life.

Today we’re focused on cleaning and organizing the house! Parents, be sure to get your children to clean up their play space after playing with toys and games. A cluttered or messy home can lead to stress, so families clean up the house together and make it fun!

Here are some links to help give new ideas for cleaning and organizing:

50 of the Best Cleaning Tips to Make Your House Look Like New – There’s a hack for every nook and cranny.

100 Best Organizing Tips for the Tidiest Home Ever – All the solutions you need to declutter your garage, bedroom, kitchen, and more.

Engagement Tip: Singing the cleanup song is a fun way to keep your kids engaged while decluttering!