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The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland (CEOGC) is accepting Requests for Proposals for Fleet Fuel Card Services per the attached requirements and general conditions from qualified firms.

One (1) original, five (5) copies and one (1) PDF on a flash drive of the proposal must be submitted by December 2nd 2016, at 3:00pm (EST).  The proposals, marked “ORIGINAL” and “COPY”, must be submitted in SEALED envelopes with the following information marked plainly on the front:

ATTN: George Phillips-Olivier, Director, Support Services
1801 Superior Avenue Suite 400
Cleveland, OH 44114
Bid# 2016-002 Fleet Fuel Card Services

No oral explanation in regard to the meaning of the specifications will be made and no oral instructions will be given before the award of the contract.  Requests from interested vendors for additional information or interpretation of the information included in the specifications should be directed in writing to:

George Phillips-Olivier, Director, Support Services

The deadline for the receipt of written questions shall be: November 23rd ,  2016. A written response to questions submitted in a timely fashion will be posted on the CEOGC website.

CEOGC reserves the right to reject in part or in whole all proposals submitted, and to waive any technicalities, irregularities, and informalities for the best interests of CEOGC.  The Director may, at his/her sole discretion, amend any provision of this Request for Proposals (RFP).

For the complete Request for Proposal document package, click here.