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Personal + Family Development Workshops

*Please note: you must make an appointment with a Development Specialist and create a personal development plan to enroll in any of the workshops below. 


Parenting Workshop

The most important role in life is that of a parent. How we treat a child matters greatly and helps to shape the kind of person he or she will become. The Parenting Piece by Piece Parenting Workshop lead by our social workers will train participants in child development and building healthy relationships through engaging activities that teach parents a different way to understand and manage conflicts. Our goal is that you gain the skills needed in order to reduce stress which will help you be a loving parent to your child. Successful participants will receive a certificate at the conclusion of the workshop.

Baby and Mommy Wellness Workshop

Pregnancy is an exciting time for you and a vitally important time in your developing baby’s life. Every moment counts when preparing for the arrival of your baby. The Wellness Workshop will address questions about pregnancy, the childbirth experience and the never-ending uncertainties of parenting. We will also celebrate your impending parenthood!

Life Skills Workshops

There are things we have to do in life that come naturally and easily but there are other tasks that must be learned. Chances are, we learned many of them in school or during day-to-day living. But there are others that we haven’t taken the time to discover or master. These workshops teach participants about time management, anger management, self-esteem and the importance of nutrition and exercise.

Anger Management Workshop

Anger is a normal human emotion – but how do you deal with it? While some people handle anger well, others may need support to manage it. Our workshops follow the curriculum laid out in the book Anger Management for the Twenty-First Century. The workshops are run by our licensed social workers and teach participants how to effectively manage their anger. Participants actively engage with our social workers, monitor their own emotions, work on communication skills and are taught how to respond instead of react. They are provided with classwork and homework assignments for continued growth. Successful participants will receive a certificate at the conclusion of the workshop.

Domestic Violence

Practicing self-control is vital in relationships and in our daily living. The Council’s licensed social workers have studied the Duluth Model Curriculum. The Duluth Model is a constantly evolving philosophy and practice that works to end violence against women. The curriculum we use is called Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter. We are able to walk you through this difficult topic and provide strategies to deal with anger in a non-violent way. This workshop will assist men in resolving conflicts to avoid self-defeating consequences. We realize that domestic violence affects both men and women and impacts the entire family. We are able to provide resources to treat all who are involved. Successful participants will receive a certificate at the conclusion of the workshop.


We all deal with stress that could interfere with our ability to focus. The Council’s licensed social workers will assist you through one-on-one counseling sessions to help you get back on track and reach your personal goals. Our social workers are trained to help you deal with difficult situations and find your inner strength to face them. Your mental state of mind is just as important as your physical state, so let us help you! Think of us as your life coaches; we’re here to support you.