CEOGC News: CEOGC Home Energy Assistance Program is Accepting Applications

Posted: Wed, Oct 27, 2010



The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland (CEOGC) is now scheduling appointments to apply for Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program (E-HEAP) benefits.  Cuyahoga county residents may call (216) 518-4014 to make appointments. The appointment scheduling system will be open twenty-four hours each day, seven days each week.   

The acceptance of E-HEAP applications will begin on Monday, November 1st at 9 Cuyahoga county locations for eligible households who are currently disconnected, have received a disconnection notice or can document having less than a 10-day supply of bulk fuel (oil, coal, wood).  Any household whose total income is at or below 200% of the 2010 Federal Poverty Guidelines may be eligible.  The final date to apply for assistance is March 31st, 2011 


Size of Household Total Income for 12 Months

        1                                                        $21,660

        2                                                        $29,140

        3                                                        $36,620

        4                                                        $44,100

        5                                                        $51,580

        6                                                        $59,060

        7                                                        $66,540

        8                                                        $74,020 

Residents without appointments have the option to walk into the EHEAP office, at 1849 Prospect Avenue, first floor, between 7:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., Monday through Friday.  Each weekday, the office will see only the first 50 walk-in customers.  This is the only office that will accept walk-in applicants. Home visits for individuals who are shut-in because of medical or other conditions are available. Call (216) 263-6266 to schedule a home visit. 

E-HEAP offices are closed on all national holidays.    

Whether seen by appointment or as a walk-in, any person applying for emergency energy assistance must have with them the most recent bills for their gas and electric utility, photo identification, Social Security numbers for all household members, and verification of all income for all household members over the age of eighteen for the previous 12 months.  Renters living in multi-unit dwellings may be required to provide their landlord’s name and contact information. 

When residents qualify for and apply for E-HEAP, applications for a regular HEAP benefit and the Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIP Plus) will automatically be submitted to the Ohio program office.