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The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland is starting off the new decade with new opportunities for the residents of Cuyahoga County. In conjunction with its existing customer training course, CEOGC’s Workforce Development team is offering a Customer Service Training Level II (Emergent Leaders) course.

This new Emergent Leader opportunity is a 3-week program offering students an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills, develop professional performance measures, build communication skills and improve the ability to interact with difficult situations.

“The emergent leader course was created based on our previous customers’ requests for classes that enabled them to take employment opportunities to the next level,” said Creola Rice, Workforce Manager. “What we’re offering in this course gives applicants a greater chance at getting a leadership-level position,” she said.

Students will gain advanced knowledge in computer literacy, including a seminar in resolving challenging workplace situations. Upon completion of the course, customers will receive 3 certifications: International Customer Service Association Certificate ‘Through the Customer’s eyes Level 2’ from Graceland College, Computer Studies Certificate and a Financial Literacy Certificate.

These certifications will show employers that these candidates have demonstrated the computer and customer service skills that are necessary to be a successful employee. Last year, 110 out-of-the 166 customers that completed the program and received their certifications, obtained well-paying jobs.

To participate in this new course, customers must have successfully completed Customer Service Training Level 1 and have a high school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED).

COMING SOON: If you’re in need of a refresher course that’ll help you brush up on your literacy skills, the Literacy Refresher course is exactly what you need. The 4-week basic skills workshop will provide a stepping stone into training programs and employment opportunities that are designed to further develop living skills, money management, computer literacy skills, oral and written communication skills as well as writing and arithmetic skills. All of which will aid in improving workplace etiquette and positively impact job searching. Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming workshop.

If you’re interested in our new courses contact your nearest Neighborhood Opportunity Center (NOC) to enroll.

Central NOC
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Glenville NOC
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Southeast NOC
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