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It was a chance encounter that lead Lucy Griffin to the Council for Economic Opportunities. She just happened to see a flier at an Ohio City hospital that advertised the organization and the services offered. Lucy took it as a sign that she should see how the classes might help her. She enrolled in the Council’s Anger Management workshop and it didn’t take her long to feel it was worthwhile.

“I learned a lot,” she said. “We got a lot of positive affirmations to look at and I always think that even if it’s not in my heart, I can go to them and read them.”

Lucy has experienced hardships from the time she was young. Even though she’s had setbacks, she says she’s always working to improve herself and her relationship with God. We recently spoke for almost an hour on the phone. Lucy is passionate, faithful and emotional. She referenced her faith many times during our call, because she said that’s helps her remember she can improve her life.

“I still have some rough times but my faith has kept me,” she said.

The Anger Management course content, in addition to her counseling and her church family, helped Lucy start to heal. She said she got a lot of tools from the course that she still uses to this day.

“The choices that I make are my choices. If they’re not right, that can be hard to swallow at times because of my pride. I’m learning to become humble, but that’s the healing process,” she said. “Taking this class helped me to realize a lot of things I never thought about before entering the class. It helped me.”

Lucy took the class for herself, but also for her 16-year-old son. She calls him her “gift from God.”

“I hope I can do the best for me and for my son,” she said. “I make sure to teach him good and decent values to help him in his life’s endeavors.”

Lucy says she’s grateful for the program, but also for the people she met at the Council – including two she mentioned by name: Audrey Taylor and Wally Espada.

“Everybody was very helpful to me. They were very patient and very kind,” she said. “They’re people who really care about people and that is a beautiful thing.”

For Lucy, the Anger Management workshop is just the beginning. She wants to continue on her path of self-improvement by taking the Council’s Job Readiness course and a Customer Service class. She excitedly told me about some of her goals for the future.

“I want to live in a house, I want to own a car, I want to have money in the bank,” she said. “I know I can’t let the hurt from my past – and even sometimes my present  – get the best of me.”

Lucy says she’ll continue to work every day to be the best version of herself. She knows she may stumble, but with the right tools, and her unwavering faith, she knows she’ll succeed. After all, she firmly believes she was sent to the Council for Economic Opportunities for a reason.

“Before this program here, I was trying to get on my feet,” she said. “I saw that flier on the table. That’s what God did for me.”