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James is a tall man and you can tell by the look in his eye (it has a bit of a twinkle) he has seen a lot in his 55 years, but he’s been resilient and most importantly you get the feeling he found something significant to hang onto when the going got tough. He’s a fighter and he’s currently unemployed. He stopped into the Council’s Job and Training Center on Prospect downtown to check his email and to make a few calls. It’s Job Bank update day and there are new jobs posted.

James spent most of his life in Detroit working in the auto industry. He moved to Cleveland and now is looking for a different line of work since being on your feet all day can take a toll on the body. He has calloused laborer’s hands.

“The friendly and dedicated staff helped me write a resume, practice interview techniques and taught me how to search for a position that fits my skills.” Just then his cell phone rings and it’s clear it’s a serious call, he’s not just casually talking with a friend. He gets off the call with a huge grin on his face.

“I have a job interview tomorrow,” he says with a full-blown glimmer in his eyes. “It’s at 9 a.m., I just need to get on the RTA website to figure out my route and how long it will take to get there. I should probably wear a suit.”

Council staff gathers around James and he receives hugs and high-fives. “I truly believe that the support and encouragement I received guided me to my current opportunity. I’m grateful.”