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The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland takes pride in its many partnerships, many of them providing the agency an ability to reach more people throughout Cuyahoga County and beyond. Last Friday, CEOGC’s Workforce Development team put together an appreciation lunch meeting to celebrate all their partners and it turned out better than anyone expected.

“The partner appreciation lunch meeting was a major success on many levels,” said Creola Rice, Workforce Development Manager at CEOGC. “I was so impressed with how many of the people in attendance immediately bonded with each other and began to create their own partnerships.”

Over 40 organizations were represented and each of them came equipped with business cards and literature to share. In between forkfuls of lasagna and salad, conversations regarding collaborations all around the room could be heard.

“All of these organizations have one common goal in mind — to transform lives,” said Rice. “Through partnerships, the mission will be successful at a much faster rate. It’s a give-take relationship. We can all rely on each other to change the community.”

CEOGC’s workforce development team provides a multitude of services that are designed to serve and empower low-income and underemployed residents in Cuyahoga County by helping you obtain the skills required to become self-sufficient. All services are free to eligible Cuyahoga County residents. There are many employment services and workshops available to you: Certified Customer Service Training, Microsoft Office, Job Readiness, Job Placement, Digital Connection, and M.O.V.E.R.S Young Adults Program. Workshops are also available to help people learn basic technology skills through lengthy training programs. These include Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, and e-mail.

As the program continues to evolve, Rice expects to expand its reach throughout the community by implementing a committee focused on client preparation and better accountability to service providers.

“We need to do a better job making sure that we are preparing our clients to lead prosperous, successful lives after they complete our programs,” said Rice. “We also need to make sure there is clear communication between employers and service providers on their expectations for the clients we refer to them. This will break down some of the barriers we face regarding employment.”

Thank you to all the organizations that were in attendance at the lunch meeting. This was the inaugural Partner Appreciation Lunch Meeting and the workforce team is planning to make it an annual event. It makes sense, the best partnerships are made over a delicious lunch!

If you’re interested in some of the CEOGC’s job & career opportunities, click here for more information!