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This event finished on 15 March 2017

Anger is a normal human emotion – but how do you deal with it? While some people handle anger well, others may need support to manage it. Our workshops follow the curriculum laid out in the book Anger Management for the Twenty-First Century. The workshops are run by our licensed social workers and teach participants how to effectively manage their anger. Participants actively engage with our social workers, monitor their own emotions, work on communication skills and are taught how to respond instead of react. They are provided with classwork and homework assignments for continued growth. Successful participants will receive a certificate at the conclusion of the workshop.

This eight-week workshop meets from 10 a.m. until noon every Wednesday until March 15th. This workshop will take place at Central NOC located at 1849 Prospect Ave. Cleveland, OH.

To register, please contact Frances Brown at (216) 268-1600 ext. 618 or Wally Espada (216) 357-2621 ext. 537.

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