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Parent Involvement

In The Classroom

The voices and participation of the parents in the Head Start program is vitally important. Head Start encourages parents to become active advocates for their children through involvement at all levels of the program. The first level of involvement starts in your child’s classroom by reading a story, attending field trips or volunteering for special classroom projects. Your child will love to see you at their school actively involved in their daily learning activities.

Each center also forms a Parent Committee at the beginning of each school year. As a parent with a child enrolled at the center, you are automatically a member of this parent organization. The Parent Committees elect Officers (Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer) and conduct monthly meetings to discuss activities and events going on at their particular center. Parents then elect representatives to serve on the Policy Council, a group that works with Head Start program management and the Council for Economic Opportunities Board of Directors to review, analyze and make recommendations to improve the program. Parents receive professional development opportunities to become great stewards of the program.

At Home

It’s all about creating brain-building moments for your child. You already have all you need: it’s your attention that is most powerful. It begins each day when you say “good morning” with a smile and look into your child’s eyes. It continues at breakfast and story and bath time. Science proves that the first five years are when the brain develops the fastest. 

2019 / 2020 Policy Council Executive Committee


Angela Davis (William Patrick Day ELC) – Chairperson

Margarita Hibbitt (Collaborative) – Vice Chairperson

Angela Dickerson (Villa) – Secretary

Leah Miller (Green Road ELC) – Assistant Secretary

Jahrie Ham (Willard) – Treasurer