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The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland celebrates another achievement for the year of 2018 as our very own, Louis Stokes Head Start Center received recognition as the first Certified Nature Explore Classroom located within a Head Start Center in Ohio.

“I am ecstatic,” said Dr. Wilson, VP of Children & Families. “This park works not only with academics but also socio-emotional learning. So this is a win for our agency and an even bigger honor to be the first of all Ohio Head Start centers to have one.”

Louis Stokes Head Start Center broke ground for the outdoor classroom on June 28, 2017, and has been a part of the centers learning experience for a full year. The certification grants CEOGC Louis Stokes Head Start Center a membership in the large network of more than 450 similar classrooms nationwide. Nature Explore Classrooms enable children to experience nature-based outdoor learning using interactive elements such as musical instruments and natural material used for creating art. Lesson plans are made to help children develop creativity, problem-solving techniques and manage stress in healthy, productive ways.

“CEOGC Louis Stokes Head Start Center’s commitment to providing research-based and nature-rich learning offers a wonderful example to programs and educators throughout the country,” said Heather Fox, director of communications and outreach for the Nature Explore program. “These spaces inspire hands-on-activity, creativity, play and plenty of time exploring the natural world.”

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