It’s been a little over a month and a half since COVID-19 forced many businesses in the state of Ohio to change the way they operate. The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland’s Workforce Development and Community Services teams are still operating; they’re focusing on continuing the agency’s mission to help the residents of Cuyahoga County.

┬áStudents enrolled in Microsoft and Customer Service Training classes have been able to continue to learn through online training. Earlier this week the workforce development team came into the office, equipped with masks and gloves, to distribute laptops to customers. Creola Rice, Workforce Development Manager, said she was grateful her customer’s progress wouldn’t have to suffer due to the virus keeping doors closed and visitors out.

“This is how CEOGC Workforce Development staff are continuing to connect customers to our training programs. The Microsoft students received computers to continue their training online with the Workforce MOS instructor while customers who completed Customer Services were called to pick up their computers to allow for continued online access to resources and job opportunities,” said Rice.

As CEOGC continues to discover ways to effectively impact the community, the shutdown has changed the way technology will be used in aiding more opportunities for more customers. Fewer face-to-face interaction may be in the cards for certain programs.

“With the support from our leadership team, Workforce Development is positioning the program to support training in all of our programs remotely,” said Rice. “This is our response to the impact of COVID-19. The staff is passionate and dedicated to what they do best and taking the programs to a remote environment is a demonstration of that dedication.”

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