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Here at CEOGC we take pride in investing in others, nurturing success and transforming lives of the many clients we service in the community. However, our mission doesn’t end there; we also provide the same for our own employees. Behind the scenes of the daily operation, there are hundreds of extremely gifted employees.

Meet Wesley B. Allen.

If you’ve ever visited our main office at 1801 Superior Avenue, as soon as you exit the elevator entering the 4th floor, you were surely greeted with a bright smile and infectious personality. Allen joined the Council in May 2018 as the receptionist, but office skills don’t even begin to scratch the surface in regards to the talents he possesses. ” I was unemployed for about 10 months and I applied for the position because I loved what the agency does for the community,” said Allen. “I am very thankful CEOGC chose me.”

Allen, a Shaker Heights native, finds most joy in doing music and acting. He sings, acts, composes music and is a masterful violinist under the alias, ‘Senor Symphonifunk.’

“I began playing the violin in the 5th grade at Woodbury Elementary and haven’t stopped since; it’s been about 21 years,” exclaimed Allen.

In addition to playing the violin, Allen really loves acting. He’s been in cast in multiple roles including Sebastian from Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid,’ at the Beck Center for the Arts. For Allen acting has come naturally due to his personality and vigor.

“I like acting because I get to be a lot of different people. I’ve always had an out-of-the-box personality and I wanted to find something to do to counter all the energy I have,” he said. “It started for me in High school. Senior year, despite being very afraid, I auditioned for a musical and ended up winning a lead role. After that, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.”

A step of faith in high school turned into a potential career-path. Allen graduated from Ohio University with his Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts. He’s been earning gigs all around Cleveland since 2014. His most recent success – winning the 2018 CEOGC Talent Show during this year’s ‘All Staff Day’ event.

“It was an unbelievable experience,” said Allen. “I’d lost a few competitions earlier in the summer so I came into the contest feeling nervous, but when I finished playing and heard all the clapping and applause I got a little emotional behind my shades. I am more than thankful for the win.”

Winning hasn’t always come easy for Allen who was told early on that he shouldn’t play the violin because of his race. His goal is to prove everyone wrong. Currently it’s Allen’s goal to somehow merge all of his talents into one conglomerate business.

“One day I hope to combine all my talents in a business and move to Atlanta or Chicago,” exclaimed Allen. “When I was younger my father told me ‘black boys don’t play the violin.’ Those words have been my driving force ever since.”

For now Allen is intent on being the very best at his current job with CEOGC, a place full of employees that love and appreciate him for all his many talents.

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