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The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland has garnered local media attention for its part in a recent poll conducted in partnership with The Center for Community Solutions. The poll showcased the extreme poverty epidemic in Cuyahoga County. 220,000 residents in the county live in poverty not because jobs are few, but people aren’t making enough to support their households.

Channel 5 News spoke with Quiana Baskin, a Head Start parent and member of CEOGC’s Board of Directors, about the difficulties of supporting a family while making a low income.

“It’s always challenging, but at first not so much because when you’re young and out on your own, you don’t have as much responsibility, so it doesn’t hit you as hard,” Baskin said. “The challenges come in when you start a family and you have children.”

The Cleveland Patch also picked up the story highlighting the harsh realities of Cuyahoga residents having to choose between paying rent or purchasing food to eat. Kayla Morales works for the Council as a specialist on the workforce development team in Community Services. Morales sees the issues poverty inflicts on many of her customers, but shes also experienced it firsthand.

Excerpt from the Patch: “She fell on hard times financially. She was working a full-time job and driving Uber at night. She was part of a growing number of Cuyahoga County residents struggling to get by. “It’s crazy what we have to do to get food,” she said, “I see it.”

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