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When Brenda Miley enrolled in the Council for Economic Opportunities’ Young Adult Pilot Program, she hoped to gain the skills take the first steps into the IT field, but she ended up getting so much more.
“I enjoyed being in the program because I learned a lot and learned about education choices I didn’t know about,” she said. “I like the fact that there is help for me at all times and I am able to reach out and have somebody to talk to.”
The Young Adult Program offers Cuyahoga County residents (18-24 years old) the chance to learn computer skills, and see educational options available in the Cleveland area. During the six-week program, participants visited Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University and Cuyahoga Community College. They also learned about employment opportunities in the area.
It didn’t take long for Brenda to land a job in her ideal IT field after she graduated from the Young Adult program.
“I work at a Helpdesk answering questions about Microsoft Office and Windows applications and hardware,” she explained. “I have always been a person that likes to learn new things and when I am put in a position of doing the same thing repeatedly and I’m not learning anything I get extremely bored. I don’t have to worry about that where I am now because I get to learn and I never know what type of call I’m going to get next.”
It’s that ever-changing job and the fact that Brenda made connections through the Young Adult Program that has her recommending it to friends. She said she’s glad she enrolled with just a limited understanding of what to expect, and she hopes others will do the same.
As for her future plans? She’s not slowing down any time soon. Brenda has always been interested in learning about other cultures and languages, and she hopes her start in the IT field will lead her to a future in another country.
“I’ve realized more and more that I want to be a translator for the IT field,” she said. “My future plans include getting my A+ certification in both English and Japanese and hopefully one day moving to Japan and either working at a Helpdesk there or teaching.”