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Across Cuyahoga County, hundreds of CEOGC Head Start students waltzed into the classroom sporting fresh haircuts, new outfits, backpacks and BIG smiles as they prepared for their first official day of school. Excitement runs high for the majority of the students and teachers, but some kids have a rough time leaving mom and dad for the first time.

The Head Start 2018-2019 school year commenced a little early this year in accordance with Cleveland Metropolitan School District. “We noticed that our absentee rates were high when the public schools were out, so we decided to change our schedule to coincide with CMSD,” said Dr. Thea Wilson, VP of Children and Families at CEOGC.

Despite summer break being a little shorter this year, kids were enthusiastic about being back in the classroom. At our Louis Stokes Head Start Center the outdoor classroom is expected to be used as much as possible before the winter weather begins to roll in. As usual, expectations for the young Head Start students are high. “I feel extremely positive about this new academic year,” said Dr. Wilson. “Our kids are special and we take pride in them having a wonderful time learning and growing at school everyday. I know they’ll continue to exceed our expectations.” 

As parents dropped their young scholars off at their respective classrooms, giggles and light talking could be heard as the children ate a nutritious combination of rice krispies cereal and pieces of kiwi for breakfast. One kid stops, taps his teacher on the leg and exclaims loudly, “I want some oatmeal!”

It’s going to be a good year.

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