Give Your Child a Head Start

It’s Head Start enrollment time for the 2016-17 preschool year that begins in September. All of our centers are four-and-five star rated by the State of Ohio’s Step Up to Quality initiative and are certified by PRE4CLE. Our excellent teachers and staff are looking forward to working with you and your child to get you on a path to living your best life. By registering today, you have a better chance of attending the location nearest you. We believe our classrooms will fill up quickly, so ENROLL TODAY!

We Invest in People

We’ll meet with you to address any immediate needs then identify some life goals. Do you want to enroll your child in preschool to get him or her on a path to success early in life? Are you unemployed and looking for a job? Do you want to go back to school to get a college degree? Are you having trouble paying the bills and making ends meet?  Whatever your challenges are, we will work with you on solutions.

We Nurture Success

We provide health + dental screenings, emphasize the importance of nutrition + exercise, promote family engagement, teach new skills and will work with you to sharpen key abilities. We offer free workshops on topics from managing time better to improving self-esteem. We will encourage you to walk taller and prepare you to get the job you are seeking. We instill confidence, you can do it!

We Transform Lives

We are teachers, family development specialists, job coaches, case managers, nutritionists, program monitors and school bus drivers. We are someone to talk with and share your dreams.  We hope to inspire you, and we are rooting for your success. Take the first step today, and meet with a family development specialist to discover how, together, we can develop your plan for a brighter future so that all of Greater Cleveland succeeds, one very important person at a time (that’s YOU).

Stories of Progress + Success

Nearly 1,000 Head Start children are heading to Kindergarten

Dr. Chisholm wore the cap, gown and hood she earned after completing her Ph.D in psychological anthropology at Case Western Reserve University to address children and their families at the Louis Stokes Head Start Moving On Ceremony this month. She passionately told...


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